Daniel Wirtheim 2018 Showreel

My Showreel
To me, documentary videos are the prefect marriage of the journalistic process and the artistry of video making. I've produced a number of documentary videos, as both a student and an independent creator: some of these you can sample in the showreel above.
In most cases, I've captured everything with a single-person rig. I use a Canon 60d with a shoulder mount and on-board microphone — I also keep a tripod and gorilla grip nearby — along with an audio recorder attached to a belt that I can easily switch to a pistol-gripped shotgun mic for dialogue. When possible, I enlist a friend's help for recording audio. 
I always make sure that I get way too much coverage, so the editing process takes longer than anything. I cut the videos up, mix and color them in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. It's really rewarding to think about each subject's story arch or to consider the music and pace of a piece. It's not unlike writing a features article.  
In my reel I've included a short piece I did on blind factory workers, a few character profiles — a drag queen from a southern conservative family and a woman who works with urban weeds — as well as a documentary on North Carolina barbecue that I did in collaboration with Triad City Beat. 
And you know me: I'm always down for new subjects, collaboration or paid gigs.